Price: ₹ 1,495.00 - ₹ 399.00
(as of May 10,2021 14:58:14 UTC – Details)

You can take a look at this trimmer as it allows you to neatly and precisely trim your beard just the way you want. Skin-friendly high performance this cordless trimmer comes with blades that have rounded tips for a smooth contact against your skin, reducing/preventing any irritation.

Also, these blades stay extra-sharp at all times, making it easy for you to trim the hair neatly and effectively. Effortless trimming this trimmer comes with a selecting wheel that allows you to adjust and lock-in the length settings to get your desired beard look. Long lasting this trimmer is designed for a long use.

Easy to clean and maintain the detachable head can be rinsed under the tap for easy cleaning. Once you are done, dry it and put it back on the trimmer. Also, the trimmer does not require timely oiling. Easy to hold this trimmer comes with an ergonomic grip that allows you to easily hold it and trim those hard-to-reach areas. Charge indication when you put the trimmer for charging, the led indicator on the adapter turns green to indicate the appliance is correctly connected and is charging.
Stainless steel avoids blade irritations and accidental cuts. For extra comfort and protection, it has rounded tips and non-scratching combs.
Fully Detachable head which is easier to rinse under the tap after every trim. Dry it before you put it back on the appliance.
The trimmer is designed in such a way that it lifts the hair and cuts it faster and flexibly trims your face, hair and body areas, giving you neat results compared to an ordinary trimmer.
Professional rechargeable hair trimmer, clipper, grooming set for men, whether you need to trim, fade or manscape your facial hair, the ideal way to go about it by using a trimmer.


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