Price: ₹ 298.00 - ₹ 229.00
(as of Jun 26,2021 01:23:21 UTC – Details)

Trim your pet’s nails without fear of sharp edges. Safe trimming makes this nail clipper the best tool for your pet’s care.

The secret is the rotating emery band that safely removes thin layers of your pet’s nails, while keeping the trimmings inside so there’s no mess to clean up.With regular pet nail trimmers, it’s so easy to accidentally trim too much off of the nail, and cut into the quick, causing pain for your pet.
Nail trimmer is safe and gives your pet a pain-free trim every time!Give your pets the safe grooming experience they deserve !
It provides a natural, pain free method for trimming your dogs or cats nails. In nature, animal trim their nails by scratching them on rocks or other surfaces so it allows them to trim their nails the same way. Traditional nail clippers cut and splinter sensitive nerves causing a lot of pain for your pets. It works by spinning an emery wheel gently across the nail removing thin layers of nail.
Note: Battery Not Included


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